Innovative experiences & unexpected moments

We offer unique online tours above the Arctic Circle. Our vision is to give people around the world the possibility to participate virtually and get a taste of Finnish culture in Lapland, without even leaving the house. All you need is a laptop, a tablet or a phone.


Magical, mystical tales from the above


An Imagineer is a person who is skilled in implementing creative ideas - and that’s exactly what we aim to do.


Passionate guide

Anja not only appreciates the silence in the Finnish forests but the Finnish lifestyle in general.
Growing up in a busy town in Switzerland, she soon discovered her fascination for the beauty of the outdoors in Scandinavia.
After studying tourism and managing a tourist information, she was ready to explore Finnish Lapland while working as a guide at an ice hotel, as a rep or as a guide at a reindeer farm.
Anja found in Ylläs her happy place. She is not afraid of holding out in the cold to chase the Northern Lights.


Inspired artist

Heidi is our inventive shutterbug. Her curiosity not only leads her to all kinds of outdoor sports in the fells and the forests, but also makes her never leave the house without her camera.
Having an educational background as a photographer, travel specialist and jewellery maker, Heidi is definitely our creative and artistic head along with being a perfectionist with love for details.
Other than being active and a biking addict, she loves a good smoky campfire. She gets easily inspired and never runs out of ideas.


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